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About Avenz?

Avenz "a live stock management software" that helps farmers to effectively and proactively manage their dairy farm operations. Reproduction and heath of animals is a key element for a dairy farm and it requires proactive approach. Here Avenzoar works for farmer to ease following tasks,
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Animal Tagging

Animal identification is one of the key element in herd management. Identification can be based on Ear Tag, Birth Id, RFID, International ID or animal name.


Failure to detect oestrus (heat) is a major factor contributing to low fertility which is a cause to financial losses. Avenzoar tracks all upcoming event for heat, mating, pregnancy test, calving, dry off and animal vaccinations.

Expense & Inventory

With real time monitoring of farm inventories. A farm can proactively control expenses. Maintain records for the expenses on feed, minerals, vaccinations, etc. helps the farmer to control budget.

Production & Revenues

Monitoring farm production & revenues along with expenses are key factors to make a farm profitable.

Contact Information

114, Barrington Drive, Huntington, Hamilton - 3210 NZ

+64 (22) 032 3916